Moderate Support Compression Thigh High 18 mmHg Open Toe Thigh High Stocking

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Sierra Socks now offers fashionable compression wear for men and women! Choose from hosiery, knee-high socks or thigh-highs and everything in between in moderate to firm support compression. These opaque, smooth-knit stockings are so soft and inconspicuous, you'll forget you're wearing them! These soft 18 mmHg moderate support compression hose are great for everyday wear. Featuring an open toe and double silicone top band for stay-up power! 

Available in Beige -

Product Description

  • Over the Knee - Knee High Style
  • Open Toe
  • Double silicone top band
  • Great for daily use
  • Perfect for sports or dress wear


Product Details:   

  • Open Toe Design
  • Material:  Nylon 85%, Spandex 15%
  • For Men or Women
  • Compression Level:  18 mmHg
  • Machine washable - simply place in a laundry bag or pillow case. Wash on warm using a delicate detergent. Lay flat to dry.
  • Made in the USA


Hosiery Size:










6.5” – 8”

8” – 9.5”

9.5” – 11”

11” – 12.5”

12.5” – 14”


10.5” – 14.5”

11.5” – 15.5”

12.5” – 17”

13.5” – 17.5”

14.5” – 19.5”


15.5” – 22”

17.5” – 24”

19.5” – 26”

22” – 28”

26” – 32”


UP TO 40”

UP TO 44”

UP TO 48”

UP TO 52”

UP TO 56”


*Sizing for graduated compression socks and/or stockings differs significantly from typical sizing, and is based on precise measurements. To ensure you are ordering the correct size for you, please refer to the size chart for this specific product before making your selection.

Our Compression Socks and Hosiery are offered in two Compression Levels. Choose which level of support you need based on the following:

Moderate Support (Compression at the ankle 15-20 mmHg):

Tired, aching legs
Moderate varicose veins and/or edema
Moderate leg swelling
Mild edema

Firm Support (Compression at the ankle 20-30 mmHg):

Severe varicose veins and/or edema
Post thrombotic venous insufficiency
Severe leg swelling
Deep vein insufficiency



Your doctor may recommend compression stockings or socks to help push the blood back up to your heart and can reduce any swelling you may have in your feet, ankles, and legs.


IMPORTANTSpeak to your Doctor if:

  • your varicose veins are causing you pain or discomfort before trying compression wear! 

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