About Us


We, the founders, have been in the textile, socks and apparel industry in one capacity or another for years. We have been focused on socks since 2002 as a producer and supplier to department stores and retailers across the USA. Sierra Socks came about as a direct result of consistent nagging by our friends and family, wanting to know where they can purchase the socks we have gifted them. It was a no brainer. The easiest decision we ever made. We took our passion for socks and ran with it.

Our one and only goal at Sierra Socks is to have your feet COVERED the right way. That's it. 

We offer everything from basic styles to the latest fashions. Socks for every season and every occasion. Socks for all ages and all sizes. Men, women, boys, girls, and infants, we got it. Compression, diabetic socks, no problem. Tights, legwarmers, school uniform socks, emphatic yes. Did we mention sheer and pantyhose? Yes again.

We pride ourselves in producing and selling quality socks at competitive prices. 100% satisfaction guarantee is a given.

So, what's in a name?

Sierra Socks:

While my partners and I were on a business trip to the West Coast, we fell in love with the Sierra Madre mountain range, and the name "Sierra" was always on our thoughts and mind. So we decided to do something about it and developed a product that is natural, organic and outdoorsy.


Born on a Wednesday to an expatriate family living and working in Ghana, West Africa, and as with Ghanaian tradition and culture, if you are a male born on Wednesdays, you were given the nick name Kwékoo. Once again, that name was bounced around by my partner's families and mine. It rhymed with Yahoo. It was easy to pronounce and spell. We all loved it.

Hope you like our products. We are always, always, always open to suggestions and ideas to help improve our offerings. Please share your thoughts with us at sales@Sierrasocks.com.

Thank you for your business and support. We appreciate it. 


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