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Buy 1 = Give 1 Initiative


Our same high-quality combed cotton seamless toe socks are used for the Buy 1 = Give 1 Initiative

About Us

For the past 20 years, we have developed a passion for textile products that feel and look great. All of our apparel is sourced using earth/people friendly yarns and fabrics. At Sierra Socks we care about keeping your feet comfortable and dry all day while still looking fashionable. 

Sock-A-Thon Program

It all began with our Sock-A-Thon in 2008. Due to the overwhelming need for socks by the homeless, Sierra Socks has brought back the Buy 1 = Give 1 Program started in 2008

Experience the genuine effect of your purchase, shaping each day

Discover the true power of your purchases at Our unique Socks Donation Program allows you to experience the profound impact of your choices, shaping each day for those in need. Explore our collection of high-quality socks that not only offer exceptional comfort but also contribute to meaningful change. Join us in making a difference today

Socks with a Heart

In addition to the Buy 1 = Give 1 Initiative, Sierra Socks opens their warehouse to the public twice a year, offering high-quality socks for as low as $1.00 each. At the end of the year, socks that were stored for this purpose are donated to Churches, Schools and Nursing Homes in our Community

Socks that Shape Tomorrow

If you’ve wanted to give back to the community, but weren’t sure how - this is the perfect opportunity. Help make a difference in someone’s life today. We will appreciate it, and so will they!

SierraSocks Donation Program

When you buy Sierrasocks products, you're also helping provide much-needed items to those who really need them. Your purchase sets off a chain of giving, making sure essential products reach the people who require them.

1.Your purchases make a difference!

With your help - together - we are making a difference. With every pair of socks you purchase from, we are donating a pair of socks to the homeless through direct distribution, food pantries and outreach centers.

 Join us in making a difference today!

2. Bridging Hearts and Need

The journey of giving begins with you. When you contribute to our Socks Donation Program, you're becoming a part of something meaningful, we take meticulous care in distributing them to the individuals who need them the most.

Our team works tirelessly to ensure that each pair of socks reaches the right hands, bringing not just physical comfort, but also a sense of belonging and care.

3. Delivering Socks to Those in Need

For most of us, socks are one of the simple staples in life. One might not even think about them until you are ready to put on a pair. Imagine not having a clean pair of socks every day. After a while, it would start to influence your day, how you feel, your outlook.

As you shop on our website, consider how your purchase impacts someone in need. Join us in spreading goodwill and hope to those who need it most.

Thoughtfully Crafted Socks for a Worthy Cause!

All of us at Sierra Socks are committed to making this Earth a better place through our Buy 1 = Give 1 Program. We believe that even a small step as simple as it seems could have profound effects on those around us.

Why Socks, You Ask?

After being in the legwear business for over 20 years, the way that we knew at Sierra Socks we could make a lasting impact for those in our communities was by giving back with our Buy 1 = Give 1 Program we began in 2008. Each pair of socks are constructed from our same combed cotton thread we used in many of our popular sock variations. We also included our seamless toe design, for that extra detail for comfort.

Sierra Socks Giving to the Community

Sierra Socks met with the Salvation Army for our Buy 1 = Give 1 Program. They gladly accepted socks for both Men & Women for our local Communities. Your support of this Program is what makes this happen! We appreciate your support in this valuable initiative.

Join Us in Making a Difference

Help us help the Community! Become something bigger than yourself by advocating with us in our Buy 1 = Give 1 Sock Donation Initiative. To join us in this venture, visit, choose your legwear and then click on the “Donate” button. Your participation matters - and together - we can make the world a better place, a pair of socks at a time!

Thank you from everyone here at Sierra Socks