Best Hiking Socks From Sierra Socks

Best Hiking Socks

We all love hiking and backpack trips, so it is always better to keep your feet happy while traveling. It all starts with the best socks for hiking. Most of the time people will not know what types of socks are best for them. There are top things to consider while buying hiking socks.


1. Material

When you decide to buy hiking socks, the first thing is what material to go with. It is safe to consider professional hikers know this, but if you are new to the activity, cotton is out of the question. It does not soak up moisture, takes a long time to dry, and won’t protect.

There are three types of materials for hiking socks.

  • Wool
  • Merino wool
  • Synthetic

Merino wool comes from Merino sheep, a breed bred in New Zealand and Australia. It is more delicate than other types of wool, and it is softer. We also considered merino wool as the best wool hiking socks because this is extra suitable for wearing.

Cool-Max High Tech Hiking Socks

Merino wool and synthetics have elegant warmth to weight ratios. Everyone has their preferences and likings for hiking socks, as we know that merino wool and synthetics respond to moisture in various ways.

When you hike, your feet will become moist from sweat. They will get sopping wet from mud puddles, stream crossings, rain, or snow sometimes.

Synthetics are hydrophobic, which means they soak fast and push water away. It is an outstanding feature for thicknesses that are worn against the skin. 

Merino wool protects better than synthetics do. It also decreases moisture, but in a reverse way, by soaking it all up. Yes, merino wool takes more time to dry than synthetics, but it keeps you warm when wet.


2. Cushion Type 

Customers are confused about what type of socks they buy for hiking. There are different varieties like 

  • Ultralight
  • Light
  • Medium
  • Heavy Cushioning

If you plan to buy a fresh pair of hiking socks, you will come across a range of cushioning and thickness options.

In case you are uncertain then a better medium is a safe bet because too light has a risk of cold and sore feet, or too heavy has a risk of hot and filthy feet. Medium is maintaining the exact balance of cushioning, breathability, and warmth.


3. Fit & Height Of Socks 

Hiking Socks for men and women

There is always a need for fitted socks, but nowadays, most online stores provide size charts to help to find the right sock fit.

Stay away from too tight or loose socks because both can cause trouble, pain, and sores. For sock height, prefer tall socks to protect skin contact with your footwear. 

You can get the best women hiking socks from Sierra Socks in various varieties.