Should I Wear Socks To Bed In Winter?

Should I Wear Socks To Bed In Winter?

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It is recommended that one should wear comfortable socks during bedtime in winter. The wide-calf wool socks are compatible winter socks that will warm up your feet and improve your blood circulation. Never compromise on quality sleep as it can directly affect your mental and physical health in the long run. 

Though, you should consult your doctor before using these woolen socks in bed. If you have any medical conditions or high blood pressure issues, you can avoid this method.  

What Are Marled Wool Socks?

These socks are made of pure quality woolen material. It is light in weight yet warm on your skin. It prevents you from the bad hit of the extreme weather in winter. You should use marled wool socks in winter while you go to bed. 

Wool is the perfect material that can fight against the freezing temperature of December and January. But these socks can be your biggest companion during those cold days.

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Cold Feet Can Be The Reason For Sleepless Night

One of the major issues for sleepless nights can be cold feet during winter. We all suffer from low temperatures and bad blood flow in the feet during winter. It can cause discomfort and sleeplessness. You may feel headaches, nervousness, and mental sickness. You can avoid all these problems by wearing soft woolen socks to keep your feet warm overnight.

Which Socks Material Is Wearable In Bed?

Well, during winter, you should prefer wearing woolen socks while you are off to bed, though you should avoid wearing compression socks. You can buy socks made of cashmere or merino wool material. You can use soft pure cotton socks in warm blankets. You should avoid wearing any other material or mixed material socks.

Why Should You Avoid Using Compression Socks During Sleep Hours?

Compression socks are good to wear during productive hours of the day as it improves the blood flow in the body. It also improves the oxygen flow in your legs and feet. Though, you should avoid wearing patterned compression socks when you go to bed. It can increase the compression in your feet resulting in bad blood and oxygen flow in the feet. Still, if you wish to wear it, you can consult the doctor.   

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Reasons You Should Wear Socks While Sleeping

  • If you wear socks when you are sleeping during winter, it improves your sleep quality and hours. 

  • Some females who suffer from hot flashes, wear socks in bed to keep their body temperature controlled. 

  • Wearing socks regularly while sleeping can improve the skin condition of your feet and ankle. 

  • The woolen socks in winter can help you prevent Raynaud’s attacks. Raynaud is a medical condition when the injured or affected areas around the fingers and toes get swollen, and oxygen & blood flow is reduced in those areas. 

  • It can also prevent you from pneumonia, fever, and other types of cold virus during winter. 

  • You can also cover the feet of your kids with soft cotton socks at night, though you need to cross-check for the temperature. 

Other Provisions To Keep Your Feet Warm

Feet Bath With Warm Water

You can take a foot bath with warm water to balance the temperature of your feet during winter. It is a productive technique.

Warm Water Bath Before Bed Time

You can take a bath with warm water before going to bed. It will reduce the impact of falling temperatures, and you will sleep well at night.

Warm Water Bag

You can use a warm water bag under your blanket by placing it near your feet to warm them up. But you need to keep a watch over the inside temperature.

Use Rice Socks

It is an old technique, keep some rice in socks on both sides and heat them at a temperature. Then keep these rice socks under your blanket to warm up your feet.


Deal with winter days better by wearing a quality pair of woolen socks in bed. You can have relaxed dreamy nights if you keep the temperature of your feet balanced. It is easier to get these amazing socks online for an effective price. Book Your Order Online Today!