What Makes Quarter Hi Socks A Better Buy?

What Makes Quarter Hi Socks A Better Buy?

Veli Sevim

We often search for a better option in socks that can fit perfectly and give better results during long day usage. But a few sock designs with high-quality material match the expectations. Quarter Hi Socks are considered one of the most demanded designs of all. The design is crafted and designed for absolute comfort and excellent grip.

It's perfect size covers a major part of your feet just above the ankle and keeps it safe from interaction with any sort of fungal infection that may cause you a long-term skin problem. You can buy these flawless socks from a trusted online fashion and accessories retail store.

But this design may not be suited for some of the users because of their nature of work, and the user habits. So, if you wish to try them out, you must try it for a whole new experience of wearing a performance-oriented pair of socks.

What Are Quarter Hi Socks?

Socks with a quarter height and length are known as Quarter Hi socks. These designs are crafted with a measured length just above the ankle length to cover the maximum portion of your feet inside the shoes.

These socks are made of a variety of premium-quality stuff and material that offers you long-lasting durability and performance. These socks are so qualitative that you can wear them during any sports event, gym workout, or during long day functions.

You can buy them in different colors and textures that would perfectly match your daily outfits. Quarter Hi can be worn with formals, semi-formals, or casuals for a change.

Which Shoes Are Compatible With Quarter Hi Socks?

Many individuals ask this question out of their doubt which shoes should be preferred with Quarter Hi designs? Though no particular fashion-centric approach says you can’t wear what you want to, it is always considered a smart buy if you carry something perfectly fit in size and shape.

So, you can look for standard shoes or boots. You can even purchase above the ankle height shoes that look amazing with a quarter-length pair of socks. However, you should avoid using high-ankle or knee-length shoes.

Different Types Of Infections Caused By Inferior Quality Socks

Below listed are some of the major skin infections caused by using the inferior quality socks. If you wish to lead a happy and healthy life, you must avoid such conditions.

  1.     Excessive Sweat & Odor

Using low-quality socks or the wrong shoes may force you to experience excessive sweat and unbearable odor. Sweaty skin may invite various dangerous skin infections.

  1.     Fungal Infections

Skin fungal infection is a deadly disease that may occur due to avoidance and long-term use of socks made of inferior quality material.

  1.     Rashes & Redness

The imbalanced or faulty socks can lead to skin rashes and redness all around your feet. However, it only happens due to long-hour usage.

  1.     Skin Allergies

You may often encounter various types of skin allergies due to the long-hour usage of low-quality socks. These skin allergies can be so serious that you may have to seek a doctor.

  1.   Wrinkled Skin

Using socks made of low-quality materials can make your feet wet and sweaty because of excessive moisture inside the socks. It can cause skin wrinkles that enhance irritation.


  1. Quarter Hi's design of socks is a perfect size for common use. You can wear them with any kind of shoes.
  2. You can buy seamless socks designed in quarter hi length to avoid any kind of irritation and skin issues.
  3. Avoid various fungal infections that can occur because of the attack of alien micro-bacteria that live on our skin.
  4. It prevents your feet and skin from excessive moisture and sweat while used for long hours. 
  5. The design of socks creates ample space for airflow to keep your skin dry inside the shoes.
  6. Use these socks in the office, or you can wear them for any casual meeting, get-together, private party, or social event.
  7. Its lightweight design makes it easy for a user to carry these socks all day long without feeling pain or fatigue in the legs.
  8. Buy some bright and happening colors in this article and make your life and styling happen.
  9. It is so easy to pack and carry these socks in your luggage while traveling. Thus, you should always keep a good stock of these premium-quality socks.


If you find this article a perfect match for your needs, then you can explore a wide range of collections of such sock designs on an authentic fashion e-commerce site. You can crack a great deal on these sock designs during the festive season. It can be a useful personalized gift for your loved ones. Place your order today and treat your feet with comfort.