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Diabetic Socks for Everyone!

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While diabetic socks are not required for all diabetics, people with diabetes have sensitive feet and suffer from a variety of foot conditions, so they need to protect their feet more than others. Diabetic socks have distinct design elements not found in regular socks that protect the diabetic foot from further complications and help keep it comfortable and healthy. It is just as important to wear diabetic socks as it is to wear diabetic shoes! Diabetic socks are specially designed to reduce the risk of foot injury, increase blood flow, and keep the feet dry. Because diabetic socks have many special features that make them superior to regular socks, it is not surprising that people who do not have diabetes wear them as well!

Special Design!

Sierra's diabetic sock is a non-restrictive, close-fitting sock designed to relieve pressure on the foot or leg. The new line of diabetic socks for men has extra smooth toe seaming which means smooth stitching along the toe ridge line for added comfort. Sierra Socks Diabetic Athletic Low Crew is ideal for athletics, walking shoes, golf and any casual or sporting activity. Extremely well made 100% soft combed cotton breathable ribbed socks that will not chafe or irritate even the most sensitive skin. Diabetic socks for men are designed to protect swollen ankles with terry-cushioned sole and toe.

Comfort and Convenience

Sierra Socks Collection Diabetic Socks are available for both men and women. Diabetic Arthritic Cotton Crew Cushioned, Diabetic socks for men like Health Diabetic Wide Calf Cotton Crew Men's Socks and Diabetic Arthritic Cotton Ankle Cushioned are comfortable and convenient to use.



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