Acrylic Crew Socks

Cable Knit Socks Are Better Than Ever!

karishma chauhan

Do you remember those socks that everyone was wearing as kids? The ones that were so cute and comfortable we did not even think of wearing another pair. Yes, those are called cable knit knee high socks and we are pleased to say that we are definitely bringing them back. Our soft and stretchy knee socks feature the classic cable-knit pattern you remember from your childhood. They're now available in adult sizes, and you can add their timeless style to your existing wardrobe. These cozy socks will be a must-have in your daily life and any event for that matter.

This classic cable knit pattern will allow you to show your school spirit while also providing you with something sophisticated to wear to work. Cable knit knee high socks comes with variety of colors that complement most uniforms and outfits. They have reinforced heel and toe for added durability. Smooth toe seaming adds extra comfort and they work wonders for sensitive skin providing relief and comfort while looking stylish. They have very soft acrylic yarn with the classic cable knit pattern.

Color selection includes pack of Prescott Red, Black, Copen Blue, Dark Maroon, Heather Gray, Hunter Green, Lipstick Red, Navy, and White. You can wear them as they come with the pack or you can mix and match for fun and create your own style. You can wear cable knit knee high socks in every occasion, in your daily life or for formal events. You can dress it up or down. Have fun with it. Make a statement and stand out with these fun socks. They are comfortable and nostalgic at the same time. What else you can ask for? Sierra Socks collection gives you the best of both worlds.